Me. VS. The Crochet Hook

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So today was the day- I began my journey of becoming a crocheter.

Attempt #1

I began by looking for the most basic video I could possibly find. When I found, “How to Crochet for Absolute Beginners: Part 1”, I figured it was the perfect fit.

I loved this video because it covered all of the basic skills I need to make a granny square– from absolute start to finish.

One of the great things about this video is that she began by telling us all of the supplies we needed to do basic crocheting.  She also showed us the brands and materials she uses which was helpful when I went to the store and had an exact idea of what to look for!

When she actually began the process of showing how to crochet,  I had to pause the video a few times as I found she went through some of the steps pretty quickly. She also gave detailed descriptions as she was going through the steps, which was great for when I was busy looking down at my hands trying to figure out what the heck I was doing. She used terminology repeatedly throughout the video, and made sure to show samples off the terms in her work. She also showed you how to fix a mistake if you made one (which is the clip I probably replayed at least 30 times).

It looked like she makes quite a few tutorial videos- you can check her stuff out here if you’re interested!

Attempt #1 Results:
So, while this video gave me the basic idea of how to crochet- you can see, my first attempt left room for improvement (yes, it is about the size of a coaster and no, I’m not sure what shape you’d call that). Sometimes I struggled to follow along with her video because I found the way she held her hook was way different from what I found worked for me. She was also a little speedy, but was very helpful in getting down the basics!


Video Recommendation: √

Attempt #2

I started to look for another video that I hoped may help me out a bit more. That is when I came across, “How to Crochet for Beginners – Step by Step! – The Basics – Lesson 1 – Right Handed”.

While she did the exact same steps as the last video I watched, her movements were much more exaggerated so I found them easier to follow along! She was also making a larger granny square, so I didn’t have to try to make up the dimensions like I did in the previous video.

Attempt #2 Results:
While I would say this attempt was much more successful than my first (as you can actually tell what I was trying to make), its apparent I still need some work.  While my dish cloth started off strong in the general shape of a square, it started to expand as I continued (literally no idea how I managed to do that).


Video Recommendation: √


My next goal is to find a resource that helps me figure out what I did wrong to loose the square shape, and how to fix it!

Stay tuned to see if I can master the great challenge that is the granny- square!

– S


2 thoughts on “Me. VS. The Crochet Hook

    brittanyjeffersonblog said:
    January 24, 2017 at 9:37 pm

    Hey Sarah!
    I am excited to see your progress that will happen over the semester. During my ECS 100 placement, one of the teachers taught her students how to knit! They totally loved it! I would be interested in learning more about how knitting or crocheting impacts children. As I was surfing the web, I came across this article about a school in the states that incorporate knitting and crocheting into the curriculum. It is an interesting read on the positive impact it has been having on their school. Feel free to check it out! Good luck with your project!


    miss munro said:
    April 11, 2017 at 6:54 pm

    […] I learned the best was when the creator of the video did very exaggerated movements. When she was doing these […]


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