From Heart- to Star- to Flower: My Week in Crocheting

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From Heart-crochet-heart

My day was made when I was searching Pinterest for something new to crochet, and I came across this adorable, teeny tiny heart.  →

Why was she so excited over this reasonably-cute, little heart, you may be wondering? Well, because Valentines Day arrives in a few weeks- and what better gift to give than a little home-made heart!? (Yes, I am well aware of my cheesy-ness, but come on people, I’m on a budget). Plus, they’re pretty tiny, so I thought I could crochet out a few of these bad boys within an hour and be good to go!

I thought wrong.

I’ll start from the beginning. SO-  I originally saw the little heart on Pinterest, and clicked on the image which took me to  ‘Basic Crochet Heart’ on the Ravelry site (which I discovered is a free website for knitters & crocheters, btw). But when I got to the page, the author had just posted the pattern, but had no video to go along with it. Something I have learned from this learning project so far is that I learn best from visuals.  Not just step-by-step pictures either, I realized I learn best when I can follow along with a video to see exactly what I should be doing- so this site just wouldn’t do.

Then I decided to go onto YouTube, my best friend during this project, where I was directed to, “How to Crochet a Heart.” 

I am not even going to show you a picture of my attempt, because it honestly looks like a Kindergartener took a ball of yarn and literally just tied it into a bunch of knots with stray ends everywhere. It’s embarrassing.

I think I was struggling with this video so much because the exact, step-by-steps instructions for every stitch (which I had been used to from all the previous tutorial videos) wasn’t present in this video. This crocheter was introducing new stitches that I hadn’t yet done, and went through them very quickly without offering an explanation or slowed-preview. I rushed between rapidly trying to copy her movements, and hitting pause on my laptop (like I actually had a hope of making through this video.) I think I scrapped the heart idea around my 4th time of re-watching the video.

To Star-

In defeat, I looked to the sidebar of YouTube which suggested I should give a video on crocheting stars a shot-  I figured I’d give it one last college try.

I am proud to say that I had much better results with this video, and only needed to watch it twice.  In this video, she also included the new stitches like the lady before.  However, instead of speeding through the process, she began each new stitch with a super slow example and really detailed explanation. This was super helpful in the beginning, but then was also a little frustrating 15 minutes into the video when I had gotten the hang of the new stitches. Overall, this video was great because not only did I learn how to make a star, but I learned 4 new stitches as well (which I am super pumped about because I can now begin to try so many more new patterns!)


To Flower.

When I facetimed my dad to show him my newest creation, I was pretty confident he would be able to identify it without me telling him what exactly I made.  When I asked him if he could tell what it was, he exclaimed, “Of course! It looks just like a flower!”….

I guess I may need to watch it a third time after all…


So folks,  that is how I went from crocheting a heart, to a star, to a flower. If you have any ideas of what I should try next, leave me a comment below- I am always looking for new ideas!

– S


2 thoughts on “From Heart- to Star- to Flower: My Week in Crocheting

    mariakary said:
    January 29, 2017 at 5:49 pm

    Hey Sarah! I think your star/flower is super cute! I’ve seen some cute patterns on pinterest to make a coffee cup cozy maybe for your next one. Something you could even show off in public!


    Battle of the Scarf « miss munro said:
    February 8, 2017 at 4:02 pm

    […] pattern is because it was one of the only patterns I found that used only the single crochet.  (My last project used about 5 different stitches- which was great and fun to try for creating the small 4 x 4” […]


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