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I am still slowly plugging along with my scarf! The grey portion is coming along nicely so far but there really wasn’t much progress from my last post, so I was at a loss at what to img_0731blog about this week.

After some thought, I decided I would show you guys a few of the new stitches that I have learned so far. I really wanted to do some short tutorial videos but as I’m not familiar with editing programs at all, I had no idea where to start. If you know of a really simple editing program that I could try, please let me know! I am really looking for a program that will basically allow me to speed through lengthy parts of my crocheting, and do basic editing/cutting skills. So, come back next week to hopefully see some crochet tutorial videos and check out my video editing skills!

But anyways, I decided to still show a few of the new stitches I learned by just a few snapshots- here we go!

The most basic stitch in the crocheting world is called the “single stitch.” This will be the first stitch you learn, and will be the stitch that you will find in all of the beginning patterns.  There are literally tons of YouTube videos dedicated to crocheting that can teach you this stitch in a matter of minutes, you can check out the one that I used here.

fullsizerender-1Once you get the hang of the single crochet, there are other versions of the single crochet than you can try to incorporate into your work! It is honestly just as simple as the basic single crochet, and just requires one little tweak. The variation of the  single crochet I decided to show you was the first one I tried, and it is the “single crochet- front loop only.” When you are crocheting, your movements create crochets, and each single crochet looks like a little “v” shape. To do a single crochet, you stick your crochet hook under both the pieces of yarn in the “v” shape. The difference with the “front loop only” crochet, is that you stick your crochet hook under only one of the strings in the “v” shape- the front one! I know that sounds a little tricky (which is why I wanted to show you a video) but this video makes it 100% easier.

I crocheted two little swatches to show you the difference between the single crochet and the single crochet through the front loop only. It’s not a crazy big difference, but as you can see where I made the dashed lines beside the stitches, the front loop stitch makes a little ridge whereas the original doesn’t!

Once you get the single crochet under wraps- its time to try out the double crochet! When you get into the double and triple crochets, it creates a very different lookfullsizerender-2 to your project. When you use the double or triple crochet, you can see that the stitches appear much taller than your regular single stitches. These double stitches are also looser, which creates a “visible space between stitches, for a more lace-like effect, as A Beautiful Mess puts it. As these stitches are much taller, they are really great for creating larger projects like blankets or scarves much faster than single stitches.

The difference between a double crochet and the single crochet, is wrapping yarn around your hook before you stick it through the crochet. The triple crochet has you wrap the yarn around the hook twice, compared to once for the double, and not at all for the single! Again, the explanation of this is much trickier than the stitch itself actually is. Next week I can hopefully make this a little clearer in a tutorial video, but you check out other great tutorial videos for the double crochet and triple crochet in the mean time!

Here I did a little swatch including all of the stitches so you can see the difference between all of the stitches- which is primarily just a big height difference, and a more “lacey” look as they get bigger.


I hope this inspires you to try some different stitches in your work! Also, if you have any simple movie editing programs that you could comment, I would be truly grateful!

Thanks guys,
– S




3 thoughts on “One Stitch at a Time

    michellehordos said:
    February 15, 2017 at 11:12 pm

    I think it is super helpful that you showed all of the stitches beside each other to show the difference between them. It looks like you stitching skills are coming along well! I am also looking for video editing programs so if you find some let me know!


      Sarah Munro responded:
      February 21, 2017 at 9:31 pm

      Thanks Michelle! It is slowly coming along, but I am happy with my progress so far. I am still searching, so I will let you know what I find!


    slepickab said:
    March 6, 2017 at 9:32 pm

    Hey nice post! You explain those things like you have been a pro at it for quite some time! The pictures are great as well! I too am in the same boat as you and Michelle in terms of video editing software; so if you find something, send it my way too!


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