So, What’s Next?

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This is my cat, Avalanche, who would stare at me like this for literally hours while I crocheted.

Ladies and gentleman, I am proud to say that I have finally completed my first crocheted scarf.

Now I will admit that the entire process was not sunshine and rainbows.  There were times I wanted to throw my crochet hook and just let my cat play with my ball of yarn that he was ever so obsessed with watching. But I powered through, and can now save myself $40 by crocheting a scarf instead of buying one. (Also, I now know what every single one of my friends and family members are getting for all future holidays- what is better that a home-made scarf created just for you!?)


This last and final step of creating my scarf was to combine the grey strip and the white strip together to form the actual scarf itself. I can easily say that this part is what I found most challenging about the entire process. Literally you guys, I crocheted all the rows I needed and almost quit because I couldn’t get them to form a “scarf shape.”  There are a two main reasons why this struggle occurred:

  1. I miscounted the stitches: Yes, I somehow managed to miscount the number of stitches in my rows. And not just by a few, by like, 25 stitches. This resulted in the white part of my scarf being about 6” longer than the grey part. So, when I went to attach them, there was about 6” of white scarf just dangling there. (You cannot have a dangly scarf people, it looks weird.) When I googled how to fix it, there weren’t many suggestions.I guess most people took every crochet bloggers suggestion to count your stitches more seriously. I ended up overlapping the extra part inside of the scarf and stitched it in, it looks quite odd but I guess it works.  (Also, just a friendly tip: Do not count your stitches while you are watching the season finale of Greys Anatomy- it does not end well.)
  2. Apparently, no one makes a two-colored scarf: When I was searching YouTube for a video to show me how to combine my two colors, I honestly could not find one. I found tons of videos of how to combine colors by overlapping them, like attaching a flower onto of a hat, or a heart on top of a sweater, but those were quite unhelpful. I finally found a few videos attaching just strips together but struggled to find one I actually liked. Most of the videos I found made a ridge when you attached them together, and I really wanted them to attached seamlessly. But beggars can’t be choosers and I ended up doing a single crochet combination I found. It turned out okay, but I really would have rather it looked like a more natural change of colors rather than the noticeable seam.


Here is the final product. Overall, I am pretty happy how it turned out for my first big project. I like the overall look of the scarf, but it’s a little to short for my liking, and I want to learn a few tips and tricks to better attach my ends for future projects.

Now onto my next project!

I am stuck on what I want to tackle next. I have been searching Pinterest day and night, and have finally narrowed my list a list of 5 things I am considering for my next project. (I know 5 doesn’t really seem like “narrowing down” that much, but you should have seen my Pinterest board before…) I am hoping you will help me with deciding what I should do next! Please vote below as my indecisive personality is having one heck of a time choosing 😊



Thanks guys!
– S


One thought on “So, What’s Next?

    shaekowaniuk said:
    March 13, 2017 at 2:05 am

    I love your scarf! One suggestion that you may want to consider for next time is switching colours (having the two colours attached) and then only having to connect the ends of the scarf; less work! I think you would quite enjoy doing the blanket. I am about 1/3 done mine and I love it.

    I too know people who will be getting something homemade for birthdays, Christmas, etc. So much easier on the wallet if you can get your yarn for a decent price!

    Excited to see what you do next!


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