My Wavy, Chunky-Knit Blanket

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I have always been in love with those huge, chunky knit blankets you see on Pinterest. Those massive, comfy-cozy blankets that are just made to curl up in and watch Netflix in. However. Whenever I see those blankets in the store, they are like way above what my little student-budget can afford. So as I have now finished my scarf, I decided I would attempt to make one of these chunky- knit blankets of my own.

After some searching online, I fell in love with this pattern I found on Mama In Stitch’s Blog. Its comfy. Its chunky. Its cozy. Its everything I was looking for. I headed out to the wonderful Walmart where I bought some chunky balls of wool (I actually didn’t know that there was actually specific “chunky” wool, so I was pretty psyched when I came across it). I bought two skeins (that’s the fancy word for “balls of wool”, FYI) and thought that would be more than enough. Ya…I was wrong. So very wrong. I am maybe 1/10 of the way done my blanket, and am halfway through my second skein. Hopefully good-old Walmart has a few more of my color on hand. Anyways. I also bought a new hook, this one is a 10mm (N), where I was previously always using a 5.5mm (I) hook. I love this new hook. I find this project is going by 10 times faster, as the stitches it makes are pretty much double my original sized stitches. So far I am loving the look of this blanket. It is coming along nicely, and thanks to a new season of Scandal being released, I was able to get quite a bit started.

However, as I now have quite a few rows done, I have noticed a problem. As I have previously only done smaller projects, I never really considered counting stitches to be very important. I have now come to learn that that was a HUGE mistake, and one which I deeply regret. As you can tell, I have obviously added and forgotten stitches as I crocheted the rows, leaving all my rows with different number of stitches. This has left my rows my rows very uneven, creating a ripple/wavy edge along my blanket. I was planning on just trying to fold the edges in and crochet them secretly into the blanket, but when I was searching, I came across this video I hope will help me fix it when my blanket is complete.



Or if anyone has any ideas on how I could possibly fix this, let me know! I have debated pulling all the rows out to fix it, but I worked so hard I would really rather not, so I am hoping I can come up with something at the end!

Keep checking back for progress on my wavy-chunky knit blanket!

Thanks guys!

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