How I Helped Out My Fellow Teacher-Friends

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For our final blog post we are to share how we contributed to the learning of others in our ECMP 355 class.

I will be honest in saying that this prompt gave me 2 feelings: 

  1. Awkwardness: I really don’t know if I contributed to the learning of others that much…Like I would like to think I did… I tried… But I don’t know how helpful my non-tech-savy self really was to anyone… I feel I was more the poor, confused soul that people had to help.
  2. Regret: You know when Katia mentioned at the beginning of the year that this would be a blog post topic and that we should be recording all of the times we help others out? Ya… take that advice.

I actually did try to help out my classmates as much as I could. I will admit that as a not very tech-savy person, this wasn’t as much help as some classmates gave. I wasn’t able to help out too much with tech issues, but I feel I contributed to the learning of others by offering words of encouragement for learning projects or sharing resources on Twitter. I would say that Twitter was probably the platform I used the most to network with others, as I found it the easiest to interact and use!

I figured I would break it down in to a few of the ways I contributed to the learning of others in class!
(I also apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures, I think they may appear a little blurry for some reason?)

  1. Offering Encouragement: 
    Now I recognize that this may not be directly helpful to the learning of someone, but I think that offering support to someone as they begin a new task is always motivating! I tried to do this by commenting on my classmates blogs when they shared their learning projects or replying to their posts on Twitter!

  2. Providing Solutions:
    This is one of the rare moments that I was actually able to help someone with a tech-related question. Though I did not have too much knowledge about tech coming into class, I was always willing to share what little I did know. I actually ended up helping out classmates in person more than online. I would find that when a group of us were together, questions would often come up and I was able to help out right then & there.

  3. Networking With New Educators:
    I used different hashtags on Twitter (such as #elemchat or #sasked) to interact with different educators! Whether I shared an educators post, inquired about a resource they shared, or replied to one of their tweets- I was able to network with some great individuals!  From this process I was actually invited to talk about my internship on an educators blog from the States- I know right, sooooo cool…

  4. Providing Valuable Resources: 
    I used Twitter a great deal to share resources! I would use Pinterest to find resources I thought would be helpful to share, re-tweeted tweets that had great ideas, and would be sure to tag people if I thought a resource could help with their learning project! For one of my blog posts, I also did some research and created a list of Google Chrome Extensions I thought my fellow educators would find helpful.

  5. Interacting with Peers
    I interacted with my peers in a few different ways. From asking for their opinions in making decisions for my learning project, discussing with other crocheters about different techniques to try, sharing their posts for others to see, replying to their questions on Twitter, voting on their blogs, or conversing through #saskedchat, I was an avid participant in our class!

6. Sharing My Knowledge With Others 
As I have said, I would not have previously considered myself to be great with technology; however, when I began to learn a few tips n’ tricks, I was eager to share with whoever I could! I would use some of the new resources I learned about in presentations for my other classes , like padlet or powtoon, which would spark their interest and desire to add these resources to their own tech-toolbox.  I would also reach out to some of the educators from my internship placement, and share with them resources I knew would work well in their class.

Overall, I have really enjoyed this ECMP class. I have learned so much- and actually quite confident using technology in the classroom moving forward! It’s not as scary as it seems people.

Thanks for your support & encouragement, everyone! I look forward to staying in touch and continuing to see the great #edtech resources you share!



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