Article #1

The Classroom Teacher and the Role of Authority

Article written by Roselle Kurland

This article discusses the classroom teacher and how their role of authority can be effectively and appropriately used within the classroom. It looks at how the use of authority will influence the structure/setting of a class, covering course content, and relationships with students. This article also reviews the importance between being an authority, and being an authoritarian teacher; about using the position of authority to provide structure and guidance, rather than complete, overbearing control over a classroom. It also reviews the importance of balancing your authority within a classroom, and gradually providing students with more opportunities to share input in regards to classroom decisions, instead of a constant use of authority over the students.

This article provides various practices and stories that provide insight into the most impactful and effective ways to properly role model authority within the classroom.  This article is beneifical for myself, any other new teachers, as well as existing teachers, to review effective class managment skills.

Read the article below:

Kurland, R. (1991). The Classroom Teacher and the Role of Authority. Teaching Secrets: The Technology in Social Work Action.

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