How to create a Presence in the Classroom

I found this article relating to Power & Authority on one of my classmates blogs, and it is entitled, “How to Make your Presence felt in the Classroom.” I really enjoyed this article, as it provided ideas for how to gain control in a new classroom setting. It is important to show students you are confident, and project this confidence as you teach. nervousman180

The article suggested some techniques and strategies to develop your classroom presence, and make your life in the classroom run alot smoother. Some strategies were suggested, such as: greeting your students, controlling your voice, body language, using your class space, and more.

It is a great resource for new teachers, and I will be sure to use this resource as I begin my internship!

You can check out the article, here. 

Oxtoby, K. (2013, April 2). How to make your presence felt in the classroom. Retrieved December 3, 2015.