The Story of the Bean

This is a very interesting article entitled, “Indigenous Knowledges & the Story of the Bean.” This article shares a story which reflects the XBD201404-00586-08.TIFimportance of recognizing and incoperating Indigenous ways of knowing into the classroom. It discusses engaging yourself with the world by opening your mind to different perspectives, and thinking of Westernized and Indigenous perspectvies in activities.

I will use this article in my classroom as a reminder to take all worldviews and perspectives into consideration while planning and implementing lessons. In my ESCI class, I also developed a unit plan based on living things. In one of my lessons, I had students grow their own plants. I will use this article to adapt my current lesson, and implement Aboriginal perspectives into the lesson.

The article can be read, here. 

Brayboy, B. (2009). Indigenous Knowledges and the Story of the Bean. Retrieved December 3, 2015.