Engaging Brain Breaks

We have all learned the importance of brain breaks, and making sure the students get a chance to work their wiggles out! One of the best resources I have come across for running brain breaks, was used by my cooperating teacher in my grade 1 pre-internship class.

This site is called “Go Noodle”- and the students absolutly love it. This website has various channels with tons of videos on each channel. The videos all engage students, by having them freestyle dance, follow a guided dance, doing a range of motions, and other movement activities. The brain breaks vary from 1 minute to 5 minutes- and the website is free to sign up!

The students love getting the chance to pick a brain brain video to do, or trying to dance along to a new one. They are a easy and engaging to use in the classroom, and are a great way to get students up out of their desks!

I will use this tool in my class to have students get up and moving in the class!

Check it out, here. 


One thought on “Engaging Brain Breaks

    brooklynnj said:
    December 4, 2015 at 7:56 pm

    Miss Munro, I love that you have included this on your blog. I agree that students need a brain break but I really like that in these brain breaks they are doing physical activity. I believe as a teacher we really need to incorporate as much physical activity into the students day as 1-3 gym classes a week is just not enough. I will be adding this resource to my blog as well. Thanks!


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