Parent Communication, Class Managment & Student Engagment: All in One Place

I have picked up many wonderful managment strategies from my cooperating teacher, and one of my favourites so far, is the webiste “Class Dojo.”

Class Dojo is a great managment technique for teachers, that allows them to imagesconstantly manage their class as well as keep students engaged. This webiste allows each student, table group, or class as a whole to have a character on the site. The teacher is then able to give, or take away points from any of the groups.

Points can be added to the students dojo for reasons such as persistance, hard work or good listening. As well as points can be taken away for disruptivness, not being respectful, or not making good choices.

The teacher often offers a reward for a student, table group, or class when they reach a certain amount of points. The students are therefore very invested in being on their best behaviours in order to get as many points as possble. Students take their point dojo very seriously, and always shock me as they know excatly how many points they have at the start of each day.

Not only is this a great way to manage students, but the site also allows parents to monitor their childs points as well. Parents are provided with an access code, which they can use to monitor if their child has gained or lost points, and the reasoning for each.

The site also allows communication with parents, as it has a direct messaging app between parents and students. Teachers are also able to share class announcments or reminders, and photos of the class on the site.  All of these displays are completly private as an access code is required to view, and is specific for each student.

Another neat feature of the site is that it is also accessible off of mobile devices, which means it can be synced to the educators phone. The teacher is then able to change dojo points, communicate, post photos, and everything else off of the ease of their phone.

This site is free to register, and is a great tool for all teachers in every classroom- check it out, here. 


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