Technology in the Classroom


This webiste allows educators to create engaging multiple choice questions that students can interact with. Teachers can create questions which also have the option of including diagrams, photos or other media. Students can then respond to these questions by using a code and kahootaccessing the wesbite from a computer or mobile device. This website can also be used as a form of assessment, as the teacher has the option of identifying individual students answers.  Teachers also have the option of having answers being submitted anonymously, which would work great for a class survey. Teachers can also put a time limit on answering questions, as well as view the time it took for each indivudal student to answer the question. This is a great tool that can be used for fun or assessment in the classroom.
Check it out, here. 


Story Bots

Story Bots is a channel on youtube that is a great tool for student learning. The channel provides a variety of youtube videos which engage and entertain students as they learn about a variety of topics. Topics such as, letters of the alphabet, outer space, dinosaurs, time, and many more.

imagesStory bots also has a learning wesbite which allows students to learn about a variety of topics, while personalizing the learning by allowing the students to “star” in a variety of videos. This website is safe, and focuses on student learning, however, it does require a membership.

To check out the Story Bots youtube channel, click here. 

Remind Me

This is a great app for older students and parents! This site allows students or parents to enter their cell phone numbers, and from there on recieve notifications from their teacher. When the teacher wants to remind the students of something, the teacher can send a messages from the app, which is then sent directly to the studentsremind or parents cell phone. The app is safe, as it keeps all phone numbers private, and allows only one-way-correspondence by the teacher, unless a two-way chat is formed.
Free for educators, teachers and students!

I would use this app in my classroom as an efficient way to keep in touch with parents and students, and act as a form of communication to remind them of classroom activities. It is convienant and instant.

Check it out, here. 



While looking through one of my classmates blogs, I came across this great resource. Quai is a site which allows you to create quizzes, surveys, webpages, and much more.

Check it out, here.